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Other Homeownership

Other Homeownership Schemes

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

At the time of writing similar home ownership schemes for council tenants and housing association tenants exist in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However this is forecast to change.  Each of these jurisdictions has its own unique rules regarding both eligibility and the extent to which discounts are made available.

More information on current home ownership schemes outside England can be found on the following government websites:

Other Home-Buying Schemes

Tenants who fail to qualify for the government’s Right to Buy or Right to Acquire programs may still be eligible for a different type of home buying scheme. Examples of which include Share Ownership and Help to Buy, both of which can make first-time home ownership significantly more affordable.

Some local authorities also have their own unique programmes and policies in place, which may be suitable for your requirements.

UK Property Finance can help guide you through the options available and determine the best course of action to suit your preferences and your budget.  Book your obligation-free consultation with a member of our team today.

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